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We are constantly expanding our selection of products. In addition to our most popular items, we provide our customers with the accessories they desire to fit their outdoor activities. Below you will find our current selection of accessory products. Once again, thank you for your interest in Go Away Bear, we hope you find what you are looking for.

12I training sprayInert UDAP Bear Spray -
for Training Use Only #12I
Price $22.99

7.9 oz.
Spray time: 4 Seconds

If you Have not used Bear spray products before, you should obtain a UDAP training can and practice with it until you can perform, quickly and accurately, the activities necessary to Arm, Apply and Disarm the product.

You may want to practice actually shooting from your holster with one of the inert cans. These cans have the same spraying power as UDAP's regular sprays without the hot pepper.

In a bear attack situation, we do know this: you will panic if you have not been trained ahead how you will think and react. Practice what you need to do in different attack situations. Rehearse, with friends or family various situations in order to be prepared in a real life threatening situation.

12I training sprayUDAP Bear Spray Reliever #2RESQ
Price $12.99

This product helps relieve the burning of pepper spray on the skin.

Diameter: 1.5 Inches
Height: 5 Inches
Net Weight: 1.6 Ounces
Active ingredient is a herbal extract.

12I training sprayGeta Grip Bike Mount #GM
Price $18.99

Fits UDAP 7.9oz and 9.2oz Canisters.

Bear Spray Canister Mount. Keep Your Bear Spray Within Easy Reach With The UDAP Geta Grip Canister Mount.

Pre-tapped holes for Bicycle water bottle mount.
Secure, Quiet Hold.
Easy to install.
Light Weight Durable Aluminum.

Can be mounted almost anywhere. RVs, ATVs, under counter, walls. Mounting screws not included.

12I training spray12I training spray
Aerosol Safety Container #ASC
Price $22.99
(Shown both open and closed)


This case can protect Bear Spray from overheating in vehicles.

This is the recommended & approved aerosol safety case by U.S. Forest Service. Refer to Manual: 670
Ideal for storage in vehicles and non-commercial aircraft.
Fits all UDAP Bear Spray Canisters.
Diameter: 4.5 Inches
Height: 13 Inches (with handle)
Weight: 7 Ounces

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